W3webschool – advanced WordPress training Kolkata and India

w3webschool is  imparting knowledge of high end technologies through its monsoon  Training 2013 specially focused on providing training for technical skills required for advanced WordPress training, advanced seo training. These monsoon training modules are specifically designed for students who are pursuing or have pursued BE/ Btech/ BCA /MCA / BSc (Cs & It)/ MSc (Cs & It). Such training will help them to sharpen their IT skills and build strong IT foundation for a successful career.

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

Everything you see here, from the documentation to the code itself, was created by and for the community. WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. (More than most commercial platforms.) It also means you are free to use it for anything from your cat’s home page to a Fortune 500 web site without paying anyone a license fee and a number of other important freedoms.

Landing on a well paying job is an important goal for a lot of people. Thus, you should make sure that you get that dream job you desire when enrolling in IT courses. This way, you can be assured that your money, time and effort will not be wasted. Check if the institute you enroll is highly credible, reliable, and maintains a good reputation. Some institutes even recruit their own students after successful completion of the course.

When it comes to WordPress training in Kolkata and also India  there are a number of options and many institutes but it is very important to choose only top level institute that offers trainers who are experts in WordPress and also following latest world training programs in WordPress. Beside that you should check their reviews and make sure that all topics are covered and that you won’t get only basic but in depth knowledge of WordPress, which will help you get your first employment.
Which topics WordPress training in Kolkata should cover? These are most important topics that top level institute would offer:
CMS basics
Server setup
Installation of WordPress
Usage of Admin panel
File structure
How to back-up site
Theme installation
Plugin installation
Plugin activation and settings
Working with templates
Adding tags and hyperlinks
Adding videos, pictures and files
Uploading and managing content
Changing header and logo
Customizing theme
Customizing sidebar
Creating new pages
Installing widgets
Adding widgets to sidebar
Discussions settings
Upgrading of WordPress
Permissions management
User roles management
Comments management
Using tags
Using categories
Media Library management
Image formatting
Adding content to posts
Adding content to pages
Live training
One more very important thing you should check when you choose the best WordPress training in Kolkata is to make sure they offer live trainings which later you can show as your experience while applying for your first job. Live trainings are performed on live projects where students learn through work with their trainers which brings necessary experience and also confidence.
There are also institutes that offer help to their students in finding first employment after they successfully finish WordPress training and some institutes even offer job to the best students in their web development company. WordPress Training in Kolkata

W3webschool – advanced seo training Kolkata and India

W3webschool provide advanced seo training in Kolkata and also online seo training in  India .w3webschool is a Kolkata best seo training institute we teach many student. The training institute recruits a professional pool of faculty expert in SEO language, who teach the students with individual attention. Here is the facility of getting fundamental courses with the advance SEO training for the already established professionals in different IT fields.

Benefits of SEO Training Classes

Search Engine Optimization is getting very important with the route of time. It is practically impossible for any website, blog, forum, business or organization to rank higher in search engines without proper SEO. There are billions of websites, and to be prominent among all of them or at least in your niche, you have to come up with a proper internet marketing plan. SEO makes things easy for you to get your page on serps. It is impossible to become an SEO professional without getting SEO Classes. It is hard to compete with thousands of professional without proper seo training and skills.
In a SEO training class, you will know how to build links for your site so that they have maximum effects. You will also know which keywords to use and how best to use them so as to achieve success with your site. You will also be trained on how search engines work so that you optimize your site in to a way that it will work well with the search engines. You will also be told which tools to use in your website so that you achieve maximum success with it and so that you are able to get the best from it. A SEO class is very important and you should not give it a second thought especially if you own a blog or website and are looking to generate money from it.

How to Select SEO Training Institute


Selecting the best SEO training institute in the town can be a real tough job. Specially when you are a businessman / self employed professional who is learning search engine optimization to promote his website on search engines. Else you are a marketing professional who has received a note from the marketing manager to enhance your skills in internet marketing. Either way, you have a tough job at hand.

Each seo training institute promises to give best training with Google certified faculty who have years of experience behind them. Institutes also mention the lifelong doubt session you can take and try to lure students with age old books, some copied cds and a free pen drive or laptop as joining gifts.

Why need learn seo

SEO training is the first course of action that any web marketer or web master should take to optimizing an online business. Note that you are not going for just any other SEO training, you are going for the kind of training that will hugely pay the effort, money, and of course time spent on it. Getting this first step right the first time will ensure that the rest of the business follows through smoothly and effectively.

With that said, together with the popularity of online marketing is the tremendous increase in the number of available SEO training courses. This has made it very hard and confusing for people wishing to undertake the course to select a single course to settle with. The idea that there are even some training courses that are simply scams adds to the complexity of finding a course that can truly give you the knowledge you need to improve your business.

All hope is however not lost as there is still a viable way to ensure that you end up with a training course that is effective and genuine. This entails setting standards to look for when in search of an SEO training course. The standards will help you figure out if a certain training program is worth your money, time, and effort. Here are a few of those standards to choosing SEO training.

W3webschool – Advanced Web Design training Kolkata and India

W3Web School is a full dedicated computer training organization specialized in web based learning. W3Web School is among the top most training center in Kolkata.w3webschool provide advanced web design training We are very proud of the “W3Web School learning experience” with a 98% pass rate on all courses.

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Web Design Training Institute

Web designing is one of the fast developing careers in the IT field today. Apart from being a good career, individuals who want to pursue this field have a bright future because of the increasing demand of website creation. People belonging from all realms of life want to have their own website these days.
Kolkata is one of the fastest developing cities in India in terms of economic growth and development. More and more MNC’s are opening their branch in Kolkata and finding a job isn’t difficult anymore. If you are a talented web designer finding a job will not be a difficult task but you will also get a handsome pay package. But for all this you will need to get adequate training from a reputed institute.

When it comes to choosing a training institute, you will find them in every nook and corner. But you will need to be very careful while choosing one. A reputed institution will give training that is industry oriented, updated and innovative.

We are one of the most reputed web designing training institutes and has trained large number of students under its roof. The individuals who received training from our institute have got placement in some of the best web designing company today.

Things to Look for Web Design Training

In this course, students will learn to design and create a website basics. We take design issues, specific look online presentations, learn web page layout, effective navigation and delve into the design process. We explore some of the how-to’s, in, out and traps using graphics, colors and fonts, web pages, as well as working with tables and CSS. Some site management techniques include, availability problems, and discuss areas of work and clients.

Web design is a very important part of our website as it only presents its look and feel to our customers and clients so that they can stay or visit or website frequently and our website every thing should be readily available or search.We provide web site design classes and professional designers and experts those who are working in live projects such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, DIV, CSS, Flash and other latest technologies from design institute training that our students receive the maximum benefit, and learn.

When we talk of training we should know actually what the web design is. There are two aspects of any website. Front end and back end. Front end is the interface through which we interact. Back end is the part in which the website is present in the coded form and is only understood by the computer. The font end through which we interact is known as web design. What is created with the help of web design is generally called as websites or web pages. These web pages are designed in the HTML, XML and CSS languages. These were used in the earlier days when the websites were made on smaller scales.Now the websites cater to whole lot of market and sometimes the whole of business is done through the websites. To cater to such websites web designers have started making use of the languages or technologies such as ASP, PHP etc. Along with this for the designing part Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop etc are also being used today. While designing websites web designers have to look at the various aspects of the web designing such as monitor size and compatibility with all the internet browsers available in the market. With all these constraints that are their in the process of web design, training is the need of hour.

How to Become a Web Designer: Getting Started

A career in internet design is amazing when you start out on the appropriate foot. Many have failed or have handled unneeded bothersome situations that they could possibly have possibly stayed clear of if they had the proper design training. Internet developers have an amazing future when it involves forming how the world views design. If you have the passion and correct Internet design training, you can easily start your career as a professional and successful web designer.

Constantly Be Learning

Starting out as an Internet developer could definitely prove to be satisfying, but you need to be prepared to work hard and be enthusiastic about what you do. You’re going to have to find out and establish a practice of being in a state of constant understanding. Learn from other Internet designers, their mistakes and successes. Being a part of the realm of Twitter is a wonderful method to keep up to just what is happening in the industry.

Try to Find Internships/Freelance Jobs

Searching for opportunities like internships and freelance jobs beyond taking your web design degree will prove to give you a great advantage even before you have actually finished. These opportunities offer you with experience – a very important arsenal in your toolkit as a young web designer. In specific situations, having experience can defeat a degree depending on a developer’s specific skill set and personality.

Having experience will give you more self-confidence in ways to take care of customers, the best ways to approach internet design interviews and other obstacles that could appear. These possibilities additionally enable you to practice your abilities, things only you can enhance.

You may be interested by the prospect and donââ,¬â,,¢t know where to start. Well with Web Design Training you can learn all of these things. Learn to be a professional in days.

W3webschool – Advanced php training Kolkata and India

W3webschool offers an exciting opportunity for the engineering, IT and Computer science graduates, to learn the Technology & web project development, authored by real world professionals having years of experience in servicing global clients since 1988.
w3webschool offers complete convenience of time and place along with tremendous cost saving without compromising the quality of learning. W3webschool is very unique in its training techniques as it takes students step-by-step through whatever is needed to develop a web project. The structured methodology helps students become industry ready.

We train students in both technology and project development. The course and project have been developed by Industry experts who have been serving global clients in web projects development using Java/PHP/.net etc and are pretty knowledgeable in current industry needs.

PHP is a software language, which is used in developing interactive websites on the World Wide Web. It’s a very popular language and not that hard to learn. It can be used to develop anything right from Face book to shopping carts! WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Content Management Systems are generally developed in PHP. A PHP training course is probably the best thing you choose to do for a better future in web development area.

There are several institutes offering PHP training courses in Kolkata. These institutes generally offer 100% job assistance to their pupils. Most of the institutes even allow their aspirants to work for live international projects. Apart from offering training course in PHP, there are some institutes that offer ASP.net course, software testing course, web design course and Ajax training course as well.

PHP Training Institute – 100% Job Placements


Here you come, if you are from technical qualifications (Btech, BCA, Bsc(comp) or any other encoding background) you must become a member of us for web development training, we can offer you best php training and 100% Job Guarantee in kolkata and also india, non-technical men are also welcome, they can also take move toward php mysql data source training, we can help them as well to get a right move. We also run summer time training php documentation in Indian with php-mysql encoding. We offer training from PHP professional developers, so they can show you actual time course in PHP.

There is a large industry for php fresh in Indian, once you acquired, you can quickly get job somewhere in Indian or outside of Indian (India), we are also one of big location organization in Indian having more than 70 phporganizations authorized with us, they take php developers type us regularly.

How To Boost Your IT Career With PHP Training Course

With the boundary-pushing expansion of the web world and virtual marketplace, the industry demand for website development services is escalating high. Evidently has the number of jobs increased manifold in the web development field, indicating a high time for budding PHP programmers. With more and more dynamic websites being built in PHP, web development firms are on the lookout for PHP developers, fresher or experienced, having the right skill in the niche. The constant evolution of web development techniques in PHP has set the demand of prospective employers high. So the aspiring PHP programmers need to perfect their skills through hands-on PHP training.

How do training courses on PHP programming help?

PHP-focused training courses help lay the foundation of one’s career on a strong base in the IT sector. Without knowing the basics of PHP programming, it is difficult to proceed with advancement in the same. The initial phase of a training course on PHP provides knowledge of how PHP works, variable types, PHP statements, PHP operators, how to create dynamic pages, etc. The basic knowledge paves the way for further skill development.

Professional skill development of PHP programmers is the purpose that such IT training courses serve. Getting a foothold in the industry does not ensure job security in the private sector. An executive needs to upgrade his PHP skills from time to time in order to meet the changing industry requirements. Here lies the value of skill enhancement through PHP training courses.

Seo Training in kolkata

W3webschool is one of the leading seo training institutes in Kolkata. After completing seo training from our institute, students will be able to exhibit strong foundation knowledge of seo. On completion of seo training classes, students can expect a good career

Our SEO Training Institute Kolkata is engaged in providing Training Courses for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is an advanced technique by which a website is created in such a way that it is ranked in top pages of the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN & Bing AOL. Our SEO Institute Kolkata assures that this course will provide you modern SEO techniques to optimize your site, including how to organize effective keyword research and then execute on your site. Our institute provides the best SEO Training in Kolkata and also online training in India.


SEO and online marketing jobs are available in large number, but unfortunately the candidates who are expert of seo or online marketing profession are few. That is why fresher’s are enrolling them for seo training programs, as there are plenty of job in seo field but companies wants experienced professionals. For fulfilling the companies requirements, students are going for training and internship on seo technology. In order to remove their fresher’s tag, students are trying their level best to get a seat for the post of seo trainee or intern in a training which provides seo training and seo services. As this is the only way to get rid of un-experienced professional tag. The motive behind these seo training programs is students get trained in the real online marketing and seo environment. Moreover, students gets guidelines by well experienced seo experts while assisting them on their projects given to them by clients.SEO industrial training is the only to gain solid basics of seo before entering the I.T market and these basics helps students throughout their career in shaping up their career in the right direction.

gets guidelines by well experienced seo experts while assisting them on their projects given to them by clients.SEO industrial training is the only to gain solid basics of seo before entering the I.T market and these basics helps students throughout their career in shaping up their career in the right direction.


Some of the outline of our SEO course is mentioned below:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Link Building Strategy with professional Touch
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Professional Forum Posting Tactics
  • Keyword Research
  • One way, Two way, Three way Link building
  • Competitors Research with Details
  • Improving link popularity in Search Engine
  • Title and META Tag Creation
  • Group Posting
  • Link Popularity development Factor
  • Sitemap Creation (sitemap.xml)
  • Over View of AdWords and Adsense
  • Google Webmaster tool Details Over View
  • Blog Promotions
  • SEO Software introduction

The SEO course does not complete here, each student once finished the theoretical part of the course successfully has to work on a national live project with the reputed SEO/IT firms. This strongly aids students to have a practical knowledge working under with a SEO/IT firm. If you are looking for a SEO Training Institute in Kolkata, we would be glad to assist you.