Web Designing as a Career in India 2019 – What You Need To Know

What is web designing?

Simply put, web designing is the art and technology of designing websites. Whatever you are looking for online, once you search for it, you will get results, which are going to lead you to a website. The website and whatever pages of the website you are going to view is the work of a web designer.

A web designer designs the overall look and feel of a website. The color, fonts, layout are the factors that create the vibe of the website. But a web designer also has to develop the behind the scene aspect of the website, such as the functionality of the website. If you are choosing web designing as a career then you need to be us aware of what your audience of website visitors find appealing. While bright and vibrant colors, quirky illustrations and fonts may be appealing to a younger audience, the older and more mature audience will find subtle and smooth designs, stylish and easy to read fonts more appealing. They have to balance the visual and technical aspect of designing the website, understanding the needs of a person or a business for which they are designing the website.

Who are eligible for this career/educational qualification?

The very basic qualification you need to start your career as a web designer is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, communications or business. You can also choose to do your bachelors in graphic arts with a focus on web designing. There are both online and offline colleges that offer certification courses on web designing.

The basic curriculum you are going to face while completing a typical bachelor’s degree in web designing are-

  • Basic HTML
  • Web Content Writing
  • Image Design for Websites
  • Introduction Computer Systems
  • Strategic Digital and  Marketing
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture Internet and Website
  • Animation
  • Cybersecurity

While seeking employment as a web designer, you will have to provide a professional portfolio of your work demonstrating the design process used by you to create websites. If you are a high school user who wants to get into web designing, start focusing on graphic arts and computer programming, along with various web designing software used by professional web designers.

In addition to a degree in web designing and an amazing portfolio of your work, you need to be innovative and artistic. Being a web designer means you have to have that special blend of talent between artistic talent and technical understanding. You have to keep yourself updated about the latest trends in web designing, and the new technologies being developed every day to design perfect websites. A good website not only creates a brand identity among its audience but also entertains them and leaves a lasting impression. And it is the job of a web designer to make websites like this.


Web designing in India career scope

The scope for a web designing career in India looks bright and prosperous with the increase of internet users. The more people are using the internet every day to reach the millions of people online, and the best way to do it is to have a strong internet presence with a beautifully designed website. The basic salary for a qualified web designer in India is close to 2 lakhs, with chances of expanding your field of work. You can dabble in app development,

As a professional web designer in a reputed company, you’ll get to work for some serious clients. If you are a trainee, you are going to be put through extensive training by your seniors, which will help you learn the ropes.

Not only in the IT and software industry, but there is also a big demand for web designers in media and news organizations. Advertising agencies and educational institutes to have requirements for web designers, which makes the fact obvious that in India, right now, web designing is a prosperous choice of career, one that you won’t regret.

Pros and cons

As with every other profession, web designing to has its own pros and cons, as a career option. It is important that you consider these before deciding whether it is truly the career for you or not.


  1. No fixed office, work from wherever you want

The best part about a web designing job is the fact that you don’t have to be stuck in an office from 9-5. Most web designers can work as freelancers, which mean they can work from anywhere, from home, or a coffee shop, or library. As long as you have a strong wifi connection, you are good to go.

  1. Ideal work from home profession

Many of us don’t easily want to leave the comforts of the home; after all, home is where the heart is. This is why web designing is an ideal career for couch potatoes who’d rather stay at home than go to the office. Stay at home in your pajamas, and work on your laptop, no one is going to bother you about it.

  1. Variety of work: you’ll never get bored

If you are looking for a job that will always be interesting, then web designing is the career for you. No two projects are going to be similar; the variety of work is going to make sure that you stay entertained and interested forever.

  1. A promising future

The Internet has already become a crucial part of everyday aspect of our life. Today whatever we are doing there is a website for that. Because of this importance, web designing is one of the career options that is going to have an increasing amount of importance and can promise you a bright future.

  1. Instant Feedback brings instant satisfaction

Once the website you designed is live, the number of visitors on that website is going to tell you instantly if your work was good enough or not. This instant feedback brings you instant work satisfaction and instant work satisfaction makes you want to do a better job.

  1. Better salary

Fir any qualified web designer in India, the average salary is around 2.5 to 3 lakhs. But if you are not qualified, your starting salary will probably be somewhere around 10-15 thousand rupees. So if you want to make big bucks with a web designing job, then start working on your qualification.



  1. Health risks

Web designing comes with its health risks. Long hours in front of a computer screen, or sitting on a chair can give you eye problems, back and neck problems, which can become long term illness. So make sure to take necessary precautions if these things are happening to you.

  1. Constant learning process

The competition is harsh and you constantly need to evolve yourself to stay on the lead. The Internet is ever changing which means even after you’ve finished your official schooling, you are not done with studying. You need to stay updated with the latest internet trends, marketing, and web designing developments. So if you don’t want to keep on learning, then this job is not for you.

  1. Long hours of work

This is a very deadline-based work. Any and every project you are going to do is going to have its own deadline. And you have to meet those deadlines if you want to build up your reputation as a professional web designer. So sometimes you may have to put in some really long hours into your work. However, this can be avoided if you make up a work schedule and stick to it, making it easy for you to finish your work.

  1. Difference between projects and interest

Some projects may be more interesting than others. This is a hurdle faced by every web designer. You may find the project you are working on to be extremely boring. But that is just the part of work and you have to go through the dullness of it all to get to the interesting part.

  1. Changing market

The market for web designing and digital marketing is always changing. Along with its audience and their preference, you have to keep up with these changing games of web designing trend, otherwise, your career can drown very easily.

  1. Balancing

If you think that you are only going to work on one project at one time, you are wrong. As a web designer, you have to balance multiple projects altogether and make sure all of them are being finished within the deadline. To do this you need serious multitasking abilities.


So, are you looking for an exciting career that is full of challenges? Do you have a unique blend of artistic quality and technical understanding of things? Would you like to stay at home and work from there than joining the traditional workforce of 9 to 5? If you are saying yes to all these questions, web designing is the career for you. so gear up and start preparing now, because you can’t make big money and name in web designing industry without putting in some serious work!