Advance Word Press training with live projects

Word press

                Among all web content management systems, Word press is the easiest, high suitable and most popular one and W3W3bSchool is the leading institute for Word press. Word Press is free and open source blogging software. Word Press is based on PHP and MySQL. It has lots of characteristics including a plug-in development and a template system. Whether it is a small organization or a big firm, Word Press is being used by all. Hence, you can understand the demands of Word Press.

Word press is an open source content management system framework. Actually, blogs are best created in word press. Word press is based on Php / MySql web domain. It has a user friendly admin panel, superb frontend with maximum number of themes and it is also SEO friendly.

Why learn Word press?

Today most of the websites in the web are informative, content related or to provide services. No doubt, word press is a framework which suits content management system very well. For its powerful nature with easy usability and the variety of themes and plugins makes it a convenient option for website holders. So if you have knowledge of word press then you can easily grab a place in the field of web development with the help of W3W3bSchool.


Our Word Press course details

ü     Installation of Word Press and server setup.

ü     Dashboard / admin panel knowledge and working.

ü     Knowing the framework and internal file structure.

ü     Importing, exporting, back-ups etc. (operating with the database).

ü     Generating a back-up of your site.

ü     Customizing themes and installing plugins.

ü     Functioning with templates and clear cut concept.

ü     Applying tags and managing them, adding hyperlinks.

ü     Adding, deleting and changing a page.

ü     Uploading content and manage it.

ü     Modifying the header / logo image.

ü     Customizing sidebar with widgets.

ü     Building and adding New Page Templates.

ü     Customizing Theme Functions, Sidebars and Menus.

ü     Adding Widgets to Sidebars, installing Widgets.

ü     Adding a Contact Form Plugin.

ü     Menu Structure & Word Press URL.

ü     Installing Web master tool and Google Analytics.

What we teach?

 Custom Post Type

W3W3bSchool will give you the Adword and PPC training with advance looks. If you want to get professional and advance training from our industry experts who have done such kind of works as well as given training, then definitely, you are at right place.

Plugin Development simple to advance

Get digital marketing training which is now quite new in this arena but very effective as social media marketing, mobile marketing. W3W3bSchool will serve you digital media marketing at advance level. Our experienced trainer will give you the best training in the industry.

Word Press E-commerce site

W3W3bSchool will furnish you advance affiliate Marketing & Adsense training through which you can make income from your own home, without putting much into the business. Our professional Adsense trainer will teach you that, how to accomplish this target.

HTML5 to Word Press theme customization

Gets professional and high-quality Social Media Marketing coaching from our corporation experts, those who have like practical knowledge in this area. W3W3bSchool will grant you the best Social Media Marketing training in cheapest rates.

   Why only we?

> Lab with net Facility given according to your suitable schedule.

> Our faculties are all from web development background having good experience in giving        training.

> Our courses are module based which makes the learning procedure very easy.

> The study materials used at the time of training are, all made depending on the certain demands of classes which represent the exercise clearly.

> W3W3bSchool will pay special attention on practical hands in work, which assists the student to do great and get the understanding of the process to work.

> Weekly sessions are moderated to keep track record about the progress of lessons.

> Proper feedbacks are taken from students and also taken special care.

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