The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is changing day by day. Now, the next big thing is voice search In SEO. In Future, people will use only Google Assistant to save time. they will not type long-tail keywords.

Digital marketing has become a very important way of doing business in today’s times. That is why there are many coaching centres that offer training in digital marketing. Anyone can do it. Whether a businessman or a student, it can be done by any person of age, it is beneficial for all.

If you want to Take Digital Marketing Course What Will Be Benefits.

Start your own business.

If you have good writing ability then you can start your website by taking training in digital marketing. If you already sell your product or service, you can spread your work worldwide through e-commerce website. And your product can be easily accessible to all people.

Become an SEO Executive

SEO executive, this is a very good job and not too difficult, we can learn it very well by doing a little bit.
The job of an SEO executive is to improve the ranking of website through organic traffic. For this, the SEO executive has to do the keyword research and bring the website to the search engines through good and unique content.

Become a Social Media Marketer.

The main objective of social media marketing is to attract the attention of customers to their product through social media. Which gives a great advantage in online marketing. And at the same time, it has to do the marketing of products and services through social media. You have to understand how people are taking the brand And what is the response? The best part is that there is no dearth of social media platforms nowadays.

There are many sources like Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Instagram etc. that we use in every day.

Become Mobile Marketer.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses mobile phones. The mobile marketer contacts the customer according to their nature and needs. So that the customer can know what kind of product they are keen on and then advertise the product according to their needs.

Become a Content Writer

Content writers have to create high-quality content for websites, emails, online advertising and social media platforms. You can use many platforms to write In today’s time, this is very easy, just know how to write in a brilliant and attractive way. So that more and more people show interest in the product and service they are curious about and buy.

So, friends, we can learn Many Tips from this digital marketing, it is very profitable. And it has a very good scope because in today’s time almost all companies sell their products and Services only through online marketing and it is given a lot of attention

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Top 5 Advantage of Digital Marketing

01. Fast Conversation

Conversation is very important to improve any business, But when you start a business you cannot connect with your customers, Because you neither have that much time nor any sources, but digital marketing completely kills your problem.

Because then people (customers) can communicate with you on your page, on email, in blog comment and through website, An advantage of this is that you also get information about the need of the market. And also of False Points of your product, because customers tell you only what they feel about your product.

Also, you can interact with them by reply to them, With which you can also understand their problems and take their opinions from them to improve your product.

02. Dynamic

In Digital Marketing, all platforms link up with each other. Because of which you get Quick Response and your product starts becoming increasingly viral in the market.

For example: Suppose you have a channel related to your business on YouTube, on which there are 10000 Subscribers, now what will happen as soon as you share information of your new product, notification will go to those 10000 people, so that they will see that about your product. What will happen is that you start getting Quick Response.

Similarly, there are also social media sites where your product will be marketed well, In this way, Digital Marketing is a dynamic way to grow your business, so that you can increase productivity quickly.

03. Feedback

In Feedback, you get reviews from people, how much they like your product, What do they think about your product, etc. Because you cannot grow your business till you understand the need of people.

Digital Marketing provides you with the facility to take feedback. With which you can know people’s thoughts and improve your product.

04. ROI (Return of Investment)

In Digital Marketing, you can get an idea where it costs you to promote your product. And what response did you get from it, which gives you information about the Return of Investment.

For Example: You made a Promo Video and uploaded it to YouTube, where you shared the link of the product in the description, Now what will happen is how many people watch this video and click on the link given in the description, you will know from that how many people are buying your product through YouTube.

With this, you will get an idea that just by investing in YouTube, how much sell you got and how much Profit has come out.

05. Effective

In Digital Marketing, you get the opportunity to show all three things simultaneously Sound, Effect and Vision, Which becomes your Promotion Effective and people also like it.

With which you can easily put your thing in front of people and introduce them to your product in Detail.

Now because today everybody uses the Internet, Social Media and YouTube So Digital Marketing becomes a very effective place for you. By using this, you can grow your business.

A Career in Digital Marketing: The Discussion

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What is Web Designing and how to become Web Designer?

If you are looking for a better Career option, what is Web Designing? What is web designing and how to become a professional web designer? You must know about this. Most people in India prefer to work in either the government sector or in a private company, but nowadays, one of the best options is web designing. Not only money in this area, but it is also possible to have a very big career scope. But this path is not so easy, because a web designer should have creative skills and technical abilities. Whereby he could create a great website.

So now the question arises how to start learning web designing. What is the need for the right guidelines, such as the language and tools you should use as a web designer? What does it come to? Which course is necessary for this. Apart from this, there are many things that you should have knowledge of. This post contains information about all the guidelines that will help you learn web designing. So let’s first know, what is Web designing? After that, other things will understand.

What is Web Designing?

The process of creating a website is called “web designing”. It comes with many things including web page, layout, content production and graphic design. It can also be called the Web development process. Under this, factors like the user interface and other visual imagery are taken into account to make the website attractive and easy to use. A web designer uses many software tools and languages to build a website.

The website is created by a markup language called HTML. Html tags play an important role in building a website’s structure. CSS is used to design the layout of the layout in the webpage. All web pages on the internet have been created using HTML and CSS. Overall, in web designing, it is decided how a web page will appear in a browser.

What comes in web designing.

Website creation – Web designing is basically the same as building a website. A web designer is very nimble in creating a very attractive and fully functional website. Under this, you are told how to create a fast and responsive website.

Preparation of Page Structure – You can also call its page structure a website. The key role of a web designer is to improve the site structure. Under web designing, the entire structure of the website is prepared, this work is done using HTML.

Design of Websites – Text, colour, font style, collum size, sidebar, layout design in any webpage is all fixed by this web designer. It uses Cascading style sheet (CSS). This can be changed in the entire HTML of the webpage by embedded in the HTML document.

Content Production – The process of writing or creating article, ebook or Blogspot is called content production. It is a part of web designing, research, analysis and writing strategy.

Site Maintenance: Maintenance is important for the website to work better. That is why mistakes and issues that occur in the site under web designing are checked regularly and the mistakes in it are corrected.

How to become a web designer

The biggest way to reach the people for any business whether it is at a small level or at a large level is online marketing. The user searches on anything on the Internet before buying anything and decides on it accordingly. That’s why web design is included in any company’s marketing strategy today. Without a website, no company can grow in this modern world. So today the demand for a web designer is very high and it will grow further in the future.

So let’s know how you can start making a web designer.

Learn how to use photoshop

Photoshop is a photo editing, image creation and graphic design software. Before creating any website or webpage, its entire structure will look like what it is designed in photoshop. Primarily Photoshop shows the final output of your web page. This gives us an idea so that we can make our web page design pixel correct. It is necessary to create a demo before any web page is created so that we can start coding and seeing it. According to me, to be a good web designer, you should learn photoshop.

Learn HTML & CSS

If you want to be successful in web designing, learning a language like HTML, CSS is mandatory. Because it is the foundational language of the web. Html is a markup language used to develop web pages. The same CSS is what it is like. Which defines the presentation of documents written in HTML. If you want to be a web designer So it is very important for you to know HTML and CSS. To learn this, you have to know the basics of them and how they are used to create a web page. It must collect all the information.

Learn Javascript and JQuery

If you are a beginner, then it is not necessary that you initially learn JavaScript or JQuery. But it should be kept in mind that both of them are very important to be a better web designer. Learning JQuery with JavaScript will be very beneficial for you. If you use it with javascript to create a website, it will make it very easy.

Understand Web Designing Trend

Creating just the website for a bright future in web designing does not work, but you need to be very aware and creative. Any company or client will take the service from you only when you create a website according to the web designing trend. Whenever any new trend comes, its direct impact falls in the field of web designing and its demand grows rapidly. That’s why being a web designer, you have to be with it only then you will be able to enter your presence in it. You can also learn web designing trend through the internet. There are many such blogs available, which provide accurate information about them. If you want, you can also get help from a web designer.

Learn Web Designing Tool

Tools are very useful in any field because it simplifies our work. Similarly, many design software tools are used in web designing. Photoshop and mock plus are used in prototype and icon design. Adobe Illustrator is a very good vector graphics processing tool. Which is used in font design, product package design, graphic design and layout design? However, it is now possible to design a website in many web browsers. But a web designer should learn to use many essential web design software.

Correcting Web Designing Process

As I said earlier, Web designing is not just about writing code, but it is an area where you have to work very creative. This is an important part of web designing process. You have to think deeply about everything while creating websites. This is mostly repetitive work. You will find yourself doing the same thing in almost every project. That is why following the Development process when designing a website, your work may increase and your client may be able to understand your role in the project. Understanding this process allows you to better organize your work so that the timeline of a project can get accelerated and an independent business can be ready for development.

In fact, it is a framework for the steps to be taken from start to finish to complete a web design project. There are many things in it, such as Planning, Design etc.

Qualification for becoming a Web Designer

This question often arises in the minds of new people, which should be our qualification to start our career in web designing. To get started, you can go to 10 or 10 + 2 after passing it. If you are a graduate, your degree may also work for you. For this, you can also take a degree in an additional diploma course or Computer Science. You also need to know about language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript to become a web designer. You should be aware of the use of any software. Knowledge in Coding and Scripting gives you a good future edge in its field. Some basic knowledge can give you more benefits in the field of Computer and Internet.

A career in Web Designing

If you are talking about careers in the field of web designing, after completing the course, you can get a job easily in a web designing company. If you want you can open a freelance company of yourself too. There are thousands of companies in India who hire web designers for Front end and Back end development project. Apart from this, you can make a lot of money by making a website of yourself.

Web Designer’s Salary

In web designing, your salary is fixed on many things. If you have trained with a good institution, then any company can give you good salaries at the beginning. Generally, as a fresher, you get the Starting Salary 10000 to 15000 per month. As now – like your experience increases in this. So you can earn Experience salary 50000 months on its base. This ratio of salary in web designing is different everywhere. It relies entirely on your rolls and any company, maybe you can get more or less salary from it.

If you want to know deeply about this, you can check the average salary of every designer in Payscal.


So hopefully, now you have understood what is web designing and how you can start your career in this field. You need to be quite creative in this. If you become impaired in it, then it is much better than any other career, you can earn millions of rupees from here.

So, if you want to learn Web Designing we w3webschool premium Web Design Training Institute in Kolkata call us for more details: 8017270445

Career in Digital Marketing 2019

If you want to create a good career in the current phase, then you can be successful by getting knowledge in the field of digital marketing. To move forward in this field, first, you have to develop your interest in technology.

Today our world is gradually getting digitized, but with a very small step. Most texts and Vedas were taken by our ancestors are being digitized today. Speeches of top leaders given in Parliament and Constituent Assembly are also digitized. We can capture all the information with just one click and mouse jerk.

Obviously, there is a lot of hard work behind this work. They are working day and night to do these things. In this digital era, you too can find your career. At the same time, we can tell you that it can also give you a very good package. Everyday mobile apps and websites give at least this same message. Here we are introducing you to various job profiles.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Pay per click advertising
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Email marketing specialist
  6. Designer
  7. Data Analyst/Web analytics
  8. Content Writer
  9. Consumer relation management
  10. Affiliate Marketing.

As all the above job profiles can be seen. These job profiles are the digital age. If you understand basic work and also know how to market your work then this career is for you.

The best part of this sequence and digital marketing is that it is an emerging business. No one can claim such that he knows everything. You can go ahead by looking at your interests and earn big money. It has to keep updating itself regularly.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

The field of digital marketing is not limited to any one job and there are many opportunities in it. This selection should be done by keeping the candidate in line with his qualification. Given the growing impact of digital marketing, it can say that its demand is very high and this large difference in demand-supply will definitely affect their pay.

How To Start Digital Marketing Begins

Read the blog in digital marketing.

Attend the city’s Digital Marketing Program, Workshop.

Participate in Digital Marketing and New Media Conferences

Start writing your own blog.

Learn Digital Marketing in Institute.

Work Profile in Digital Marketing

Today, a digital marketing specialist in bigger companies is of great importance. These are important members of the digital marketing team. It is the responsibility of preparing and maintaining digital marketing materials. They make their branding by creating web banner ads, emails and websites for the company. Prepare marketing campaigns for internet and digital technologies, which are delivered to people through mobile phones and social media.

Digital Marketing Job Profile

The scope of digital marketing is huge. Here you can find jobs in these positions: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer, Content Writer, Search Engineer Marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer etc.


It is necessary to have a graduate to work in this field. Students who are graduating in Marketing, Communication or Graphic Design, they can make a career in digital marketing.


There is no limit on salary in digital marketing. As soon as training and experience get, the income goes up. In the period of training, there can be income between 15 thousand and 40 thousand rupees. After some years you can also start your own office.


So hope you understand what is Digital Marketing and why is important for career.if you are interested to learn digital marketing course in Kolkata w3webschool premium digital marketing institute in Kolkata city of us for demo class before admission.

What is Backlinks and Why is important for SEO

Friends In today’s post we will know what is a backlink – What is backlink and why is it beneficial for SEO? You must have heard about SEO, Backlink is also a part of SEO. If we say in simple words Backlink is a link that gets from one website to another, and it plays an important role in improving the ranking of the website in search engine. Therefore, according to SEO, Backlink is considered to be very important for a website/blog.

Backlink provides a way to get traffic of a website to another website. We try to understand this through an example, such as a website or blog where a lot of traffic is coming every day and if you create a backlink from that website then some visitors can easily click on that link on your blog. This way traffic on your blog increases and Search Engine Ranking is also greatly improved.

Different Types of Backlink

  1. No, Follow Link

No Follow Link is the link which clicks on Visitor from one website to another website. But such links do not mean a Crawler in the search engine. If you say simple words, Nofollow links are not useful for ranking the page.


  1. Do Follow Link

Do Follow Link is very helpful in increasing the ranking of your blog or website, because clicking on such links goes to a website’s visitor and other websites, along with Do Search Link also indexing the Search Engine.


  1. High-Quality Links

Backlinks are considered as High-Quality Links from a Popular Website / Blog whose domain and Page Authority is quite good, which is good for a blog.


  1. Low-Quality Links

From the Automated sites, Spam sites and Porn Sites Backlinks comes in the category of Low-Quality Link, such links are of no value. Such links are not good for blogs.

  1. Internal Links

These links are given in the same domain to go from one page to another page or from one post to another, they are called internal links.


  1. External Links

When we provide links to any other website while writing a post, then the links are External Links.


What are the benefits of SEO in creating backlinks?

  1. Improves Search Engine Ranking

Backlinks are a big contributor to getting a good ranking in the Search Engine. If any of your posts get Organic Links from another website, it naturally only gets higher rank in content search engine. When your blog gets a backlink from someone else’s blog, then Search Engine will also show your blog in the search result with those blogs.


  1. Fast Search Engine Indexing

Backlinks help your website/blog a lot in Search Engine Indexing. When Search Engine indexes your blog, it first checks your blog’s backlinks, how much of your blog is connected to the website. If your blog is brand new, then backlinks are important for your blog so that it can be indexed in search engine


  1. Referral Traffic

If the main and direct benefits of backlinks are talked about, then your blog gets maximum referral traffic and we all know how important traffic is to each blog.

Website SEO Google Ranking Factors 2019

What are Keywords and How to do Keyword Research?

What is the Domain Authority and what is the use of it?

How To Build Backlinks For Blog / Website

Start guest blogging

Guest Blogging is meant to write a post for any other blog that visitors of that website can know about you and your blog, by doing so slowly the visitor of that site will start coming to your site if it is seen There is a very good way to make Backlink in Free. While doing Guest Blogging, keep an eye on the Guest Post only on the blog that matches your blog.

Here is some list for creating Good backlinks

Blog Create and Submission

Article Submission

Video Submission

Infographic Submission


Q/A Submission

PPT Submission

Image Submission

Profile Create Submission

Local Business Submission

Classified Submission

Directory Submission

Blog Comment Submission

 And many more

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Web Designing as a Career in India 2019 – What You Need To Know

What is web designing?

Simply put, web designing is the art and technology of designing websites. Whatever you are looking for online, once you search for it, you will get results, which are going to lead you to a website. The website and whatever pages of the website you are going to view is the work of a web designer.

A web designer designs the overall look and feel of a website. The color, fonts, layout are the factors that create the vibe of the website. But a web designer also has to develop the behind the scene aspect of the website, such as the functionality of the website. If you are choosing web designing as a career then you need to be us aware of what your audience of website visitors find appealing. While bright and vibrant colors, quirky illustrations and fonts may be appealing to a younger audience, the older and more mature audience will find subtle and smooth designs, stylish and easy to read fonts more appealing. They have to balance the visual and technical aspect of designing the website, understanding the needs of a person or a business for which they are designing the website.

Who are eligible for this career/educational qualification?

The very basic qualification you need to start your career as a web designer is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, communications or business. You can also choose to do your bachelors in graphic arts with a focus on web designing. There are both online and offline colleges that offer certification courses on web designing.

The basic curriculum you are going to face while completing a typical bachelor’s degree in web designing are-

  • Basic HTML
  • Web Content Writing
  • Image Design for Websites
  • Introduction Computer Systems
  • Strategic Digital and  Marketing
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture Internet and Website
  • Animation
  • Cybersecurity

While seeking employment as a web designer, you will have to provide a professional portfolio of your work demonstrating the design process used by you to create websites. If you are a high school user who wants to get into web designing, start focusing on graphic arts and computer programming, along with various web designing software used by professional web designers.

In addition to a degree in web designing and an amazing portfolio of your work, you need to be innovative and artistic. Being a web designer means you have to have that special blend of talent between artistic talent and technical understanding. You have to keep yourself updated about the latest trends in web designing, and the new technologies being developed every day to design perfect websites. A good website not only creates a brand identity among its audience but also entertains them and leaves a lasting impression. And it is the job of a web designer to make websites like this.


Web designing in India career scope

The scope for a web designing career in India looks bright and prosperous with the increase of internet users. The more people are using the internet every day to reach the millions of people online, and the best way to do it is to have a strong internet presence with a beautifully designed website. The basic salary for a qualified web designer in India is close to 2 lakhs, with chances of expanding your field of work. You can dabble in app development,

As a professional web designer in a reputed company, you’ll get to work for some serious clients. If you are a trainee, you are going to be put through extensive training by your seniors, which will help you learn the ropes.

Not only in the IT and software industry, but there is also a big demand for web designers in media and news organizations. Advertising agencies and educational institutes to have requirements for web designers, which makes the fact obvious that in India, right now, web designing is a prosperous choice of career, one that you won’t regret.

Pros and cons

As with every other profession, web designing to has its own pros and cons, as a career option. It is important that you consider these before deciding whether it is truly the career for you or not.


  1. No fixed office, work from wherever you want

The best part about a web designing job is the fact that you don’t have to be stuck in an office from 9-5. Most web designers can work as freelancers, which mean they can work from anywhere, from home, or a coffee shop, or library. As long as you have a strong wifi connection, you are good to go.

  1. Ideal work from home profession

Many of us don’t easily want to leave the comforts of the home; after all, home is where the heart is. This is why web designing is an ideal career for couch potatoes who’d rather stay at home than go to the office. Stay at home in your pajamas, and work on your laptop, no one is going to bother you about it.

  1. Variety of work: you’ll never get bored

If you are looking for a job that will always be interesting, then web designing is the career for you. No two projects are going to be similar; the variety of work is going to make sure that you stay entertained and interested forever.

  1. A promising future

The Internet has already become a crucial part of everyday aspect of our life. Today whatever we are doing there is a website for that. Because of this importance, web designing is one of the career options that is going to have an increasing amount of importance and can promise you a bright future.

  1. Instant Feedback brings instant satisfaction

Once the website you designed is live, the number of visitors on that website is going to tell you instantly if your work was good enough or not. This instant feedback brings you instant work satisfaction and instant work satisfaction makes you want to do a better job.

  1. Better salary

Fir any qualified web designer in India, the average salary is around 2.5 to 3 lakhs. But if you are not qualified, your starting salary will probably be somewhere around 10-15 thousand rupees. So if you want to make big bucks with a web designing job, then start working on your qualification.



  1. Health risks

Web designing comes with its health risks. Long hours in front of a computer screen, or sitting on a chair can give you eye problems, back and neck problems, which can become long term illness. So make sure to take necessary precautions if these things are happening to you.

  1. Constant learning process

The competition is harsh and you constantly need to evolve yourself to stay on the lead. The Internet is ever changing which means even after you’ve finished your official schooling, you are not done with studying. You need to stay updated with the latest internet trends, marketing, and web designing developments. So if you don’t want to keep on learning, then this job is not for you.

  1. Long hours of work

This is a very deadline-based work. Any and every project you are going to do is going to have its own deadline. And you have to meet those deadlines if you want to build up your reputation as a professional web designer. So sometimes you may have to put in some really long hours into your work. However, this can be avoided if you make up a work schedule and stick to it, making it easy for you to finish your work.

  1. Difference between projects and interest

Some projects may be more interesting than others. This is a hurdle faced by every web designer. You may find the project you are working on to be extremely boring. But that is just the part of work and you have to go through the dullness of it all to get to the interesting part.

  1. Changing market

The market for web designing and digital marketing is always changing. Along with its audience and their preference, you have to keep up with these changing games of web designing trend, otherwise, your career can drown very easily.

  1. Balancing

If you think that you are only going to work on one project at one time, you are wrong. As a web designer, you have to balance multiple projects altogether and make sure all of them are being finished within the deadline. To do this you need serious multitasking abilities.


So, are you looking for an exciting career that is full of challenges? Do you have a unique blend of artistic quality and technical understanding of things? Would you like to stay at home and work from there than joining the traditional workforce of 9 to 5? If you are saying yes to all these questions, web designing is the career for you. so gear up and start preparing now, because you can’t make big money and name in web designing industry without putting in some serious work!

SEO Audit of your website and how to do it?

What is SEO Audit?

Before you begin the process of SEO audit for your website, you need to understand what it means. SEO audit is a process with which you can evaluate your website’s search engine friendliness. There are many tools you can use for the SEO audit for your website.

It is important for you to do an SEO audit of your website once in a while because it improves the website’s performance online. The SEO industry is changing regularly and it is important to keep your site updated. SEO audit is an important procedure that helps your website to stay in sync with the regular updates to Google’s ranking algorithm.

Now that we have a brief look at what SEO update is and why it is important, let’s jump into how to perform an SEO audit for your website!

The entire process can be divided into five simple steps-

  • First step: checking for Google penalties
  • Second step: checking out the search appearance of your website
  • Third step: Performing technical SEO audit
  • Fourth step: Performing On page SEO audit
  • Fifth step: Performing Off-page SEO audit

1: checking for Google penalties.

The first thing you need to do when performing an SEO audit for your website is to check if your website is in any way penalized by Google. Being penalized by Google puts a negative effect on your website ranking and traffic. So, how do you find out if your website is penalized or not? There are two easy ways.

The first way is very easy- all you have to do is to log in to Google search console and select ‘Manual Actions’ situated in the left menu. You’ll see the reasons if your website has any manual penalty on it.

The second way, you are going to log in to Google analytics, and then proceed to Acquisition/ All traffic and then select Source / Medium situated on the left menu. By doing this you are going to compare the Google organic traffic for the dates when Google released an algorithmic change. If there a sudden drop or increase in organic traffic, then it means your website was affected by the algorithmic changes.

If you find your website to be penalized by Google, the best way to proceed is to find out the reason for the penalty and rectifying it during the auditing process. Doing this will not only help with your ranking but would also make your website more reliable for the users.

2: Check out the search appearance of your website

Now you have to go online and run a simple Google searched for your website or blog, and check the list of things below to see how your search appearance for the website looks:

  1. Is the first item on the result page your homepage?
  2. Are the descriptions below the homepage and other pages accurate?
  3. The name and other information on the GMB page- are the correct?
  4. The pages listed on the first page of Google results, are they relevant?
  5. Is Google showing site links with your listings?

Now scroll down to the bottom of the search results page and look at the related searches results

  1. Are these related searches relevant to your brand?
  2. Are there any relevant searches for which you can create a page and utilize it?

If there is some problem with your search appearance, then it means that there are a number of issues for your website. You need to fix these issues before getting on to the next step.

Claim your Google my business page and make sure all the information there is accurate. Also, review your site structure, and homepage SEO. Once you’ve dealt with these issues, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is technical SEO

3: Performing Technical SEO audit

Now that you’ve done a Google penalty check and a search appearance check, it’s time to do a thorough website review with Technical SEO audit.

For a layperson, this may seem scary, but there is no need to be scared. The steps are quite easy. A Technical SEO audit is important in order to make sure that search engines have proper access and they can index your pages without any problems.

Go through the list and check out if your website has any issues with its technical SEO.

  1. Your website- is it registered with Google search console?

You need to have your website registered to Google search console. It is a free tool from Google that gives information to the webmasters about their own websites. Things such as the number of indexed pages, the keywords for which the site ranks, security and indexing issues, all can be found in the various tool options and reports. It is imperative that you have your website registered with Google search console to keep up with everything.

Is the domain name specified for your website?

To avoid a duplicate content issue, make sure that you’ve specified your preferred domain name in Google search console and website setting. Google considerswebsites with ‘www’ in front of the domain, and without ‘www’ in front of the domain as different. Such as- ‘https: //’ and “’ may be the same website, but due to the absence of ‘www’ at the beginning of the second link, Google would consider it as a different website. So make sure you have specified your domain.

The robots.txt file

Websites have robots.txt file which controls which pages are accessible by search engine crawlers. You need to make sure that there are no problems with the file; otherwise, there can be serious optimization issues.

The URLs. Are they SEO friendly?

Review your URL structure to see if they are SEO friendly. The URLs on each page need to be unique and properly formatted. Good URLs include keywords, but they are never keyword stuffed, use hyphens ‘-‘ to separate the keywords, have less than 255 characters, and are unique to each page. See if your URLs match all these criteria’s before moving onto the next step.

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The breadcrumb menu- activated or not?

The breadcrumb menu is shown at the top of the page and helps us to navigate easily to the homepage following the menu links. It makes the site easier to the users, so make sure that the breadcrumb menu is properly working.

The structured data and if it is enabled:

The structured data helps Google to understand the context and meaning of the content on the age and gives your website additional ranking benefits. It is used by Google to enhance the presentation of any website in search results, or voice searches. So while doing the technical SEO audit you need to see if you have structures data enabled for your homepage, breadcrumb menus, articles and products.

Canonical URL for all the pages:

Canonical URL helps the webmasters to deal with duplicate content issues and also helps Google to identify which are the most important pages of a website. Every page of your website must have a canonical URL.

404 optimization:

404 pages are shown to the user when they try to find a page that is not on your website. Make sure that your website has 404 pages optimized for smooth and easy user experience.

XML sitemap optimization:

The XML sitemap contains all the website pages that are important for your website and Google needs to know about. Once the XML sitemap is generated by your CMs, it’ll be submitted to Google through Google search console.

Does your website have HTTPS?

HTTPS means that a website has a secure certificate installed and the URLs that start with HTTPS have a better advantage over non-secure websites. Making sure that your website is HTTPS will only make your rankings better.

How fast is your website?

It is important that your website loads faster than your competitors. The website page speed is a difficult task to handle, yet one of the most important, as the speed with which the website page loads especially on mobile effects your ranking. There are a number of things you can do to speed up the loading speed-

  • Compress all your website images
  • Consider using a CDN if you have lots of images
  • Use browser caching to minimize HTTP calls
  • Make the size of CSS and HTML smaller by minifying them
  • Use page speed service or caching plug-in to serve the cached pages to your users.
  • Removal of unnecessary javascript from the pages
  • Update PHP to its latest version
  • Update website and software to the latest version.

A mobile-friendly website?

People are using mobiles more than computers and laptops to search for websites these days. So obviously your website needs to be optimized for mobile. Google mobile first index excludes those websites from mobile searches that are not optimized for mobiles. So check if your website is mobile friendly with Google mobile-friendly test tool.

Your website available in more than one language?

If your website is available more than one language then it should have the necessary SEO setting in the HTML, if not, Google would consider all the translated content as duplicated content. So make sure you have the proper SEO settings in the HTML codes.

Optimizing the website structure:

Check out if your website structure is optimized. You need to check a few things like see if your website has a clear content structure if there is a proper contact, privacy policy, about page.

4: Performing On-Page SEO Audit

Through the use of keywords and on page SEO elements, you need to give the search engine crawlers right signals.

Here is a brief list of all the things you need to check during your on-page SEO audit-

Check your titles and descriptions and optimize them: this includes your titles and descriptions, make sure that they are relevant to your website. Make sure that they are SEO friendly.

Proper text formatting: make sure that the tests on your pages are not plain texts. You should use H1 for the main title and H2 for the main headings.

Check out the SEO content: check your SEO content for uniqueness and freshness. Make sure all the contents on your pages are unique and fresh, and not copied from anywhere. Update your website content on a daily basis.

Functional internal link structure: having a functional link structure helps your website to rank better. Make sure that you have linked related pages together; each of your pages has 2-10 internal links

The image SEO: having a lot of images on your page may make it attractive, but make sure that they are all compressed to the minimal size so that the loading time of the page is not long.

Check Broken Links: you can use the crawl errors report in your Google search console in order to find the broken links in your website. Fix them by doing 301 redirects to a valid URL or by fixing the links. There are many tools that also check all your external links to find broken links

5: Performing Off-page SEO audit

Off page SEO audit, often referred to as link building refers to methods used to promote the website on the internet. You need to be careful while performing off page SEO audit because if you make any mistakes it can be really risky.

Make sure you evaluate your incoming links and find out which ones are the toxic links. There are many tools to do this. Or you can use links to your site report from Google search console.

Answer the following questions while you review incoming links report

  • How many domains are linking your website
  • Are these domains considered to be trusted?
  • Number of links pointing to your homepages and internal pages
  • Which pages have most incoming links?
  • The percentage of the links based on keywords
  • The toxic score of each link

Corrective measures need to be taken based on the answers to these questions. If there are only a few domains linking to you, you need to get links from websites and blogs that are related to your subject. Create a list of websites and blogs you can use for guest blogging or outreach campaigns.

Make sure not all the links are pointing towards your homepage, but some of them point towards internal pages as well.

The links need to be more natural and not keyword based. Use only your domain name, and things like click here, or link etc.

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