What is Web Designing and how to become Web Designer?

If you are looking for a better Career option, what is Web Designing? What is web designing and how to become a professional web designer? You must know about this. Most people in India prefer to work in either the government sector or in a private company, but nowadays, one of the best options is web designing. Not only money in this area, but it is also possible to have a very big career scope. But this path is not so easy, because a web designer should have creative skills and technical abilities. Whereby he could create a great website.

So now the question arises how to start learning web designing. What is the need for the right guidelines, such as the language and tools you should use as a web designer? What does it come to? Which course is necessary for this. Apart from this, there are many things that you should have knowledge of. This post contains information about all the guidelines that will help you learn web designing. So let’s first know, what is Web designing? After that, other things will understand.

What is Web Designing?

The process of creating a website is called “web designing”. It comes with many things including web page, layout, content production and graphic design. It can also be called the Web development process. Under this, factors like the user interface and other visual imagery are taken into account to make the website attractive and easy to use. A web designer uses many software tools and languages to build a website.

The website is created by a markup language called HTML. Html tags play an important role in building a website’s structure. CSS is used to design the layout of the layout in the webpage. All web pages on the internet have been created using HTML and CSS. Overall, in web designing, it is decided how a web page will appear in a browser.

What comes in web designing.

Website creation – Web designing is basically the same as building a website. A web designer is very nimble in creating a very attractive and fully functional website. Under this, you are told how to create a fast and responsive website.

Preparation of Page Structure – You can also call its page structure a website. The key role of a web designer is to improve the site structure. Under web designing, the entire structure of the website is prepared, this work is done using HTML.

Design of Websites – Text, colour, font style, collum size, sidebar, layout design in any webpage is all fixed by this web designer. It uses Cascading style sheet (CSS). This can be changed in the entire HTML of the webpage by embedded in the HTML document.

Content Production – The process of writing or creating article, ebook or Blogspot is called content production. It is a part of web designing, research, analysis and writing strategy.

Site Maintenance: Maintenance is important for the website to work better. That is why mistakes and issues that occur in the site under web designing are checked regularly and the mistakes in it are corrected.

How to become a web designer

The biggest way to reach the people for any business whether it is at a small level or at a large level is online marketing. The user searches on anything on the Internet before buying anything and decides on it accordingly. That’s why web design is included in any company’s marketing strategy today. Without a website, no company can grow in this modern world. So today the demand for a web designer is very high and it will grow further in the future.

So let’s know how you can start making a web designer.

Learn how to use photoshop

Photoshop is a photo editing, image creation and graphic design software. Before creating any website or webpage, its entire structure will look like what it is designed in photoshop. Primarily Photoshop shows the final output of your web page. This gives us an idea so that we can make our web page design pixel correct. It is necessary to create a demo before any web page is created so that we can start coding and seeing it. According to me, to be a good web designer, you should learn photoshop.

Learn HTML & CSS

If you want to be successful in web designing, learning a language like HTML, CSS is mandatory. Because it is the foundational language of the web. Html is a markup language used to develop web pages. The same CSS is what it is like. Which defines the presentation of documents written in HTML. If you want to be a web designer So it is very important for you to know HTML and CSS. To learn this, you have to know the basics of them and how they are used to create a web page. It must collect all the information.

Learn Javascript and JQuery

If you are a beginner, then it is not necessary that you initially learn JavaScript or JQuery. But it should be kept in mind that both of them are very important to be a better web designer. Learning JQuery with JavaScript will be very beneficial for you. If you use it with javascript to create a website, it will make it very easy.

Understand Web Designing Trend

Creating just the website for a bright future in web designing does not work, but you need to be very aware and creative. Any company or client will take the service from you only when you create a website according to the web designing trend. Whenever any new trend comes, its direct impact falls in the field of web designing and its demand grows rapidly. That’s why being a web designer, you have to be with it only then you will be able to enter your presence in it. You can also learn web designing trend through the internet. There are many such blogs available, which provide accurate information about them. If you want, you can also get help from a web designer.

Learn Web Designing Tool

Tools are very useful in any field because it simplifies our work. Similarly, many design software tools are used in web designing. Photoshop and mock plus are used in prototype and icon design. Adobe Illustrator is a very good vector graphics processing tool. Which is used in font design, product package design, graphic design and layout design? However, it is now possible to design a website in many web browsers. But a web designer should learn to use many essential web design software.

Correcting Web Designing Process

As I said earlier, Web designing is not just about writing code, but it is an area where you have to work very creative. This is an important part of web designing process. You have to think deeply about everything while creating websites. This is mostly repetitive work. You will find yourself doing the same thing in almost every project. That is why following the Development process when designing a website, your work may increase and your client may be able to understand your role in the project. Understanding this process allows you to better organize your work so that the timeline of a project can get accelerated and an independent business can be ready for development.

In fact, it is a framework for the steps to be taken from start to finish to complete a web design project. There are many things in it, such as Planning, Design etc.

Qualification for becoming a Web Designer

This question often arises in the minds of new people, which should be our qualification to start our career in web designing. To get started, you can go to 10 or 10 + 2 after passing it. If you are a graduate, your degree may also work for you. For this, you can also take a degree in an additional diploma course or Computer Science. You also need to know about language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript to become a web designer. You should be aware of the use of any software. Knowledge in Coding and Scripting gives you a good future edge in its field. Some basic knowledge can give you more benefits in the field of Computer and Internet.

A career in Web Designing

If you are talking about careers in the field of web designing, after completing the course, you can get a job easily in a web designing company. If you want you can open a freelance company of yourself too. There are thousands of companies in India who hire web designers for Front end and Back end development project. Apart from this, you can make a lot of money by making a website of yourself.

Web Designer’s Salary

In web designing, your salary is fixed on many things. If you have trained with a good institution, then any company can give you good salaries at the beginning. Generally, as a fresher, you get the Starting Salary 10000 to 15000 per month. As now – like your experience increases in this. So you can earn Experience salary 50000 months on its base. This ratio of salary in web designing is different everywhere. It relies entirely on your rolls and any company, maybe you can get more or less salary from it.

If you want to know deeply about this, you can check the average salary of every designer in Payscal.


So hopefully, now you have understood what is web designing and how you can start your career in this field. You need to be quite creative in this. If you become impaired in it, then it is much better than any other career, you can earn millions of rupees from here.

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Manage Your Expectations Choose the Best of the Best Service


Oh! Water, water everywhere but not a single drop to drink, and if there are a few drops to drink, it is hardly fulfill your thirst. Are you reading a crazy stuff? Let us say you differently – service, service and service everywhere, but hardly a few to accept, and if there are a few to consider, it is hardly fulfill your business expectations. This is also true for a web design training in Kolkata. You see hundreds and thousands of training centers in Kolkata offer web design training, but how would you know which one and really a best?

What to see when you Choose a Web Design Training

It is hard to find a best one, even without judging their course curriculum, placement record, infrastructure and so forth. A good web designing training institute in Kolkata offers more than just a great training. It offers more than just a bunch of hard and fast curriculum and one to one training. Are you looking for the same? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have certainly come to the right place. This article will help you know and to choose the best of best web design training institute in Kolkata which not only teach you the ins and outs of web designing but also help you to shape your further designing career.

  • One to one lecture session
  • Excellent course curriculum
  • One to one PC with end-to-end support
  • Best faculties in the industry
  • Affordable course fees
  • Printed or electronic course materials
  • One to one doubt clearing sessions
  • Internship of live project training
  • Cost class room with friendly staffs
  • More practical and less theoretical classes
  • If the course fee is high, installment facility available
  • Excellent placement record

The question certainly comes in your mind what to see when you choose a web design training in Kolkata. To make your answer short and crisp the above mentioned things can help you a lot, not only help you to find a good web design training institute in the city, but also help you to understand their course before and after it helps.

Things to know Before you Choose an Institute

Most of the web design training institute in Kolkata only give leap service, most of them do not have the above all things to give you the up to date things that you need to boost your career. If you are a web designer and want to hone your skills once again taking training from a good institute then you must know what we are describing here, about our speech authenticity, but if you are just a fresher then you should choose your web design institute in Kolkata after a long study, clarification and discussion with other web designing.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Opting Professional Web Designing Course?


Web design training in Kolkata is sought these days by the majority of candidates, and it is a broad subject matter related to designing websites. At present time almost all the organizations have their own one of multiple websites and blogs to promote their brands, products and services that are provided by them. In this highly competitive world of creative designing, web designing training courses offer high career opportunity as well as growth.

Why You Learn from a Professional Web Designing Company?

All website creating and designing need some special skills. Small to medium to big websites require much of technical skills as well as knowledge and therefore people who have minimal skills and knowledge can create website easily, but hard to develop and redesign further need. So you not only require basic sense of designing websites, but also require some specific skill set that help you design and develop any website for any company, so you need to opt for the advance courses. There is no end of learning web designing, so you need to learn from a professional web design company to learn basic to advance step by step and work in one or multiple live projects to gather industry specific knowledge.

Web Design – A New Path of Your Creative Career

It is not possible to learn all the things in web designing, because web design is vast and progressive at the same time. So if you are a web designer and working in a small or medium size company, also want to learn advanced things in web design to make yourself a proficient web designer, it is advised to brush up your skills and knowledge from time to time by way of online web designing course. Whether you are a working individual and have a keen interest for web design then you can easily opt for online course rather than offline training in web designing. Most of the institutes in Kolkata offer online and offline IT courses and web design is one of them.

Great Institution for Great Web Design Course

Whether you have zeal to setup a career in web design, it is advised to opt for professional diploma or a professional certificate in designing. And, if you do that from a renowned and highly professional institute in Kolkata that can offer you job assistance then you can be headache free to search a good job after completing the course. A good institution generally has different networks with designing companies; your institution will contact with them after you pass the course successfully and get the skills provided by them.

Generally the fees for web design courses are not very high, and it includes a very nominal course fees. Web Design training in Kolkata are very cheap and also provide assured placement opportunity after passing the course, if you learn the course seriously and get the skills provided by them, then you can be rest assured to get good job in IT companies to work as a professional web designer, a lucrative career in today’s IT world.

Web Designing A Lucrative Career in Today’s IT World

advanced web design training

Today’s age is the age of information technology. In this age Web designing is beyond doubt the hot cake in this highly competitive IT market. Internet technology has already been completed thirty years in this world. However it is has spread its network all around the world. Internet is the hub of information. Nothing and no one can stay beyond the grip of Internet, from Alaska to Black Hole, everyone and everything come under the roof of it. So all the credit goes to this Cyber World. When you search specific information, search engines show numerous websites against the subject you look for. Nowadays designing website can be your lucrative career; due to the reason web design training Kolkata is high in demand.

Career in Web Designing

Just in a few mouse clicks various windows of information open for you. As there is an sample scope to gather data online on each subject a person needs. In this cut-throat competitive business age every business be it small, medium or large has its own website(s). And also millions of websites are there in the World Wide Web considered as website or blog. So if there is many websites, you have chance to get more work as website designers. Now you must think to run after the crowd of web design and then you must learn from a good web design training Kolkata.

What You Learn in Web Designing Course?

The web designing course at web design training Kolkata includes training on UI or UX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and other essential tools such as, responsive websites, mobile applications and graphic designs and content management system, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. that are necessary to design the best of class websites for types and sizes of organizations. The web design classes in Kolkata are generally taught by faculties with couple of years of experience in building high rated websites for various domestic and international clients.

Web Designing a Creative Career

There are two division of website design. One is static website design and another is dynamic website design. These days most of the organizations build dynamic website(s) for their business, products or services. If you can learn static, dynamic or responsive and CMS website design from a good web design training Kolkata, you can be rest assured to get a lumsum packaged job after completing the course. You pay package will increase as per your skills, knowledge and experience. Most of the companies in India hire fresher as well as experienced web designers for their organizations.

What Should You Know to Become a Successful Website Designer?

Web designing training is one of the most ideal choices for fresher and professionals in IT field, especially for those who like to create beautiful as well as innovative websites and have keen interests to work as a professional web designer in this lucrative creative field across the country. If you want to work as a professional website designer there is huge opportunity to work in website design, web site development as well as digital marketing companies with handsome pay package. There are hundreds and thousands of institutes in India offer website design course, but when you decide to take admission you should consider some important things about the institute.


Career as a Website Designer


A good institute designs their Web designing training course in such a way so that the courses can meet all the industry requirements when their students work on live projects. So before you get admitted in a web design course you should consider some important things about the institute and the course. Let us have a look about that.


  • Whether the course is designed for students and professional web designers
  • If the course meet the current industry and technological requirements
  • If the institute equipped with best faculties who possess industry experience
  • Whether the institute provides 80:20 practical and theoretical courses
  • See if the institute has high-tech computer lab with all advanced software available
  • And above all the placement assistance after Web designing training, because in this cut-throat competitive age, it is difficult to find a good job for fresher, so if the institute provides good placement support that could be your additional advantage.


Eventually the present job market of web designers is beyond doubt lucrative compared to other IT career. But you should know that a web designer or a group of designers are not the only person who work for a company, there are also web developer, SEO specialist, digital marketing specialist and importantly the content writer. So it is a group of people who work together in a project or projects at the same time to give them reality. As an expert web designer your opportunity is endless. You have more than one option to work as a professional designer. You can work in an IT company as a designer or can work as a freelance or both at the same time.


Web Design – A Lucrative Field of IT


In this age of digital marketing the growth of Web designing training and development is high in demand. The majority of students in different parts of the country come to learn web designing for a lucrative career. Almost all the companies in this digital era build one or more websites to reach their prospective customers online, due to the reason the demand for internet marketing is increasing day by day. As you have seen every day hundreds of e-commerce sites are coming online to sell their products or services in this domestic or international market. So it is your turn to pursue for a career where you can prove yourself as a designer or a creative person. Yes that is as a Web Designer.