Best drupal Training in Kolkata

W3webschol is a kolkata best open source training kolkata we provides drupal training. Drupal is one of the hottest CMS today and is in High-demand in companies. W3webschol understands this and provide you indstry-standard and latest course in Drupal. If you are looking for Drupal training which can boost your career to the new height,Learning Drupal is easy and that is why in only couple of weeks you become able to start working on first Drupal projects for your clients which is the quickest way to first job.

Drupal is a Content Management System and web application framework. Throughout the world, Drupal is used and trusted by thousands of individuals, businesses, non-profits, education, government, and other organizations for creating personal and corporate websites, e-commerce sites, social networking sites, intranets, and much more.
Drupal provides a powerful, scalable, low cost, high value solution to manage and grow an internet presence and therefore it is wildly popular. Drupal is open source which means the code is freely available to anyone to use and modify. This means no license fees and no vendor lock in.
many IT decision makers and business managers understand the value of a quality instruction and skilled workforce, many enterprises fail to recognize the benefits that minimal improvements in employee skills can make a striking difference in an organization. Worse, many industry luminaries underestimate the value of Drupal training. Let us now discuss the recommended component of effective instruction along with the best coaching methods for your Drupal experts.  
There has been steady growth in number of websites created in Drupal in the past few years. It clearly indicates that Drupal is becoming one of top choice for creating a web portal. If you are in college or a fresher in the industry, then by not learning Drupal you are missing lots of job opportunities. Just go and search Drupal on any job portal and you will come to know that there is a huge requirement in the market.
Drupal Training Course
1.Content management System
» CMS Introduction
» Structural behaviour CMS
» Levels of CMS
2. Drupal 5.0
» Need of Drupal as CMS
» What is Drupal?
» Drupal Benefits in Usage
» Drupal verions & Extensions
» Beyong Drupal 5.0
3. Hands-On Drupal Installation
» Downloading Drupal
» Running and Installing Drupal
» Requirement of Drupal Installation
» Joomla Installation at Browser (PC`s)
» XAMPP Web Server
4. Drupal Spotlight Themes
» Content Management
» Installing Modules
» Tools Taxonomy
» Theme Configuration
» Image Handling
5. Drupal CMS & User Management
» CMS Navigations
» Managing Content & Category
» Developing Content Type
» Browser Management
» Content Viewing
» Generating Users
» Differential types of User
» Accessing Controls
6. Working with Drupal Modules
» Installation & Types
» User Define (defalt)
» Module Management
» Common Modules
7. Drupal Template & Customization
» Drupal Template Intro
» Customization of Drupal Template
» Developing templates
» Regions of Drupal
» View Module
» Creating Views
» View Output
8. Behaviour of Drupal Module
» Drupal Module File Intro
» Mohule Creation & Hooks
» Template.php fileing
» Drupal Forums