What is Backlinks and Why is important for SEO

Friends In today’s post we will know what is a backlink – What is backlink and why is it beneficial for SEO? You must have heard about SEO, Backlink is also a part of SEO. If we say in simple words Backlink is a link that gets from one website to another, and it plays an important role in improving the ranking of the website in search engine. Therefore, according to SEO, Backlink is considered to be very important for a website/blog.

Backlink provides a way to get traffic of a website to another website. We try to understand this through an example, such as a website or blog where a lot of traffic is coming every day and if you create a backlink from that website then some visitors can easily click on that link on your blog. This way traffic on your blog increases and Search Engine Ranking is also greatly improved.

Different Types of Backlink

  1. No, Follow Link

No Follow Link is the link which clicks on Visitor from one website to another website. But such links do not mean a Crawler in the search engine. If you say simple words, Nofollow links are not useful for ranking the page.


  1. Do Follow Link

Do Follow Link is very helpful in increasing the ranking of your blog or website, because clicking on such links goes to a website’s visitor and other websites, along with Do Search Link also indexing the Search Engine.


  1. High-Quality Links

Backlinks are considered as High-Quality Links from a Popular Website / Blog whose domain and Page Authority is quite good, which is good for a blog.


  1. Low-Quality Links

From the Automated sites, Spam sites and Porn Sites Backlinks comes in the category of Low-Quality Link, such links are of no value. Such links are not good for blogs.

  1. Internal Links

These links are given in the same domain to go from one page to another page or from one post to another, they are called internal links.


  1. External Links

When we provide links to any other website while writing a post, then the links are External Links.


What are the benefits of SEO in creating backlinks?

  1. Improves Search Engine Ranking

Backlinks are a big contributor to getting a good ranking in the Search Engine. If any of your posts get Organic Links from another website, it naturally only gets higher rank in content search engine. When your blog gets a backlink from someone else’s blog, then Search Engine will also show your blog in the search result with those blogs.


  1. Fast Search Engine Indexing

Backlinks help your website/blog a lot in Search Engine Indexing. When Search Engine indexes your blog, it first checks your blog’s backlinks, how much of your blog is connected to the website. If your blog is brand new, then backlinks are important for your blog so that it can be indexed in search engine


  1. Referral Traffic

If the main and direct benefits of backlinks are talked about, then your blog gets maximum referral traffic and we all know how important traffic is to each blog.

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How To Build Backlinks For Blog / Website

Start guest blogging

Guest Blogging is meant to write a post for any other blog that visitors of that website can know about you and your blog, by doing so slowly the visitor of that site will start coming to your site if it is seen There is a very good way to make Backlink in Free. While doing Guest Blogging, keep an eye on the Guest Post only on the blog that matches your blog.

Here is some list for creating Good backlinks

Blog Create and Submission

Article Submission

Video Submission

Infographic Submission


Q/A Submission

PPT Submission

Image Submission

Profile Create Submission

Local Business Submission

Classified Submission

Directory Submission

Blog Comment Submission

 And many more

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