Php/Mysql Training In Kolkata

W3webschool offers Php training in Kolkata for graduates who want to build a career in web development. We prepare you for a recession proof career in open source technologies like PHP, Joomla etc when most of the companies are switching to open source.

Our aim is to prepare you as a web developer. Our training methodology is tailor made for graduates who have the basic concept of html and programming. Our courses are 100% practical with hands-on sessions along you are provided with quality study materials prepared by industry experts.

PHP is an open source general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. It is one of the first developed server-side scripting languages to be embedded into an HTML source document rather than calling an external file to process data. The code is interpreted by a Web server with a PHP processor module which generates the resulting Web page. PHP is the best solution for all who want to finish their training quickly and start their career finding jobs easily not only in their own city but across the country and abroad.

There is a large industry for php fresh in Indian, once you acquired, you can quickly get job somewhere in Indian or outside of Indian (India), we are also one of big location organization in Indian having more than 70 web design organizations authorized with us, they take php developers type us regularly.

Benefits of using PHP as a scripting language

PHP is an open-source language so you don’t need to pay anyone. Moreover it is constantly evolving, a large community of php developers leads to fast technology improvement, better code quality and creates a huge library of prewritten codes.

PHP is easy to learn and master, also freely available code repositories and PHP frameworks allow creating websites in reduced time.

Why is PHP training Necessary?

But all this might sound easy or appears very simple when you read it on paper. The practical applications become tough if you do not receive any formal training it will become difficult for you to excel in web development. Thus it is very important receive a formal PHP Training from a reputed institute.

During the training period you will given both theoretical and practical knowledge and hands on training with live projects. During the training period you will be taught to perform CGI tasks, like the process of generating dynamic content with the help of PHP. They are also capable of outputting flash videos, PDF files and fly images at a higher speed. PHP has the ability to save the required and important files in its own system and then forms a server side cache.


W3webschool offers an exciting opportunity for the engineering, IT and Computer science graduates, to learn the Technology & web project development.
W3webschool offers complete convenience of time and place along with tremendous cost saving without compromising the quality of learningw3webschool is very unique in its training techniques as it takes students step-by-step through whatever is needed to develop a web project. The structured methodology helps students become industry ready.

We train students in both technology and project development. The course and project have been developed by Industry experts who have been serving global clients in web projects development using Java/PHP/.net etc and are pretty knowledgeable in current industry needs.

Online Training Courses: w3webschool offers unique and innovative opportunity to learn the technology online with both practical and theoretical oriented way rather than classroom training. The online training courses which are offered by w3webschool are PHP Training Course, word press course web design Course, Advanced Seo Course. Online training helps students to work independently on web development projects which make Student different from other students. W3webschool emphasis both on theoretical as well as practical knowledge.